List of English-language books in our documentation center

Guide to Cooking for Children with Autism

Le régime sans gluten et sans caséine peut aider certains enfants autistes. Avec ce pragmatique manuel, vous pouvez apprécier ce régime apparemment compliqué et préparez des repas que vos enfants aimeront. Ce guide vous sert 200 recettes délicieuses que n’importe quel parent peut préparer, incluant : crêpes croustillantes, sauce barbecue, pizza, bolonaise, poulet, etc.

Understanding Death And Illness And What They Teach About Life: An Interactive Guide for Individuals with Autism or Asperger’s and Their Loved Ones

Death and illness affect every person. Witnessing the dying and death of a person or pet can leave you with many questions. In this book, author Catherine Faherty answers those questions in an autism-friendly, clear and precise way, geared for children, teens, and adults with autism. But this book is not just about death. It…