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This series of documents will help guide parents through the procedures that should be followed when obtaining a diagnosis for their child. It is updated on a regular basis.

How to Write Your Form Letter

The Supplement for Handicapped Children (SHC) is a financial aid program for families. We suggest including a letter with your completed form. Give a copy of the letter to your doctor and school when asking them to fill out their sections on the form.

Parent Kit: Your First Steps After a Diagnosis

Our objective when creating this series of resources was to summarize the essentials for parents in a few pages. As such, this kit will help guide you through the procedures that should be followed when obtaining a diagnosis for your child. It contains references and various resources, including: Evaluating Your Family’s needs and Finding Services; The Art of Managing Day-to-Day Life; Preparing a Meeting With Your Social Worker; and Autism Acronyms and Terms.

Could my Child Be Autistic?

This 3-page resource summarizes and explains key information for parents about the diagnosis process for their child.

There’s an Autistic Person Coming to my Party!

This resource is a tool that parents can share with people around their child to build awareness about their needs during times of celebration. It contains pragmatic information and advice for those who know little about autism and may have questions. Topics include: What is autism; Seeking answers to your questions beforehand; Going easy on the advice; Gifts for the parent of an autistic child; and Gifts for an autistic child.

Autism: Financial Aid, Rights and Responsibilities at Every Age​​

Care services, schooling, transport, health services… These can be hard to navigate! In this resource, you’ll find a brief, non-exhaustive list of the main financial aids you could be eligible for, as well as the rights and responsibilities of your child, from 2 to 21 years of age.

All About Me — Log Book 

This new tool by the FQA is a log book template that you can use to document all your information in one place as a checklist and for sharing. It also helps to document educational approaches that work, and those that don’t.

This resource is interactive.

Preparing my Class for Fire Drills – TEACHER RESOURCE

This resource supports teachers as they prepare and plan for fire drills with their students. Created by the FQA in collaboration with Autisme Montérégie and Société de l’autisme de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

Awareness-raising poster dedicated to emergency professionals (police, firefighters, paramedics, etc.).

Designed as a “cheat sheet” for their own training, this poster summarizes various characteristics that first responders should be aware of when working with autistic individuals.

Discover Autism With Lily and Max
Autism educational toolkit

In this toolkit, you’ll find riddles, colouring and other fun things you can do to learn how to be a better friend to your autistic schoolmates.

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