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PECS® Certification

The Picture Exchange Communication System® (PECS®) is an evidence-based practice that is supported by a large body of research from around the world.  We know that PECS is successfully implemented when the protocol is carefully followed. To assure a high quality of PECS implementation, Pyramid Educational Consultants offers the PECS Certification Program™. 

The PECS Certification Program is designed so individuals can validate their PECS knowledge, skills, and practice in successfully implementing the PECS methodology. Individuals who successfully complete the levels of the program will obtain recognition as a Certified PECS Implementer™ or Certified PECS Manager™.  

For more information about each level of PECS Certification, click here
Click here for Frequently Asked Questions related to PECS Certification.

To begin, please click on the Pyramid Educational Consultants office located within your country. 
If you do not see your country below, please click here to find a list of countries and the Pyramid Educational Consultant office which serves each country. If you do not see your country listed please email

Please note that this is not a workshop or training course on the PECS protocol. This certification program is intended for individuals who have attended a PECS Level 1 and or PECS Level 2 Training Workshop. For information on attending a workshop, please visit our website at

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