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Autism Intervention Training Program

Our programs use only evidence-based practices, such as Applied Behaviour Analysis, an established treatment that meets the National Autism Centre standards.

Over the course of 16 weeks, you will learn how to enhance your ability to modify the behaviour of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other behavioural challenges and apply more effective interventions. You will be able to make informed decisions and nurture respectful collaborative relationships for the benefit of those with ASD.

Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) Certification: Participants will complete the BACB’s RBT Task List, which includes core tasks that are likely to be performed by behaviour technicians. Upon completion, participants will be eligible to apply to write the RBT examination.

Program format

Run over the course of one academic year, in a flexible format, this program blends online and face-to-face learning, so you can balance family and work commitments with your learning.

The program consists of a 16-week online program with practicum:

  • 120 hours of online core theory lectures
  • 12-day core practicum that includes hands-on training and working closely with ASD experts

Who should attend?

The program is geared toward community living and human services counselors and social workers; daycare and group home workers; teachers and educational assistants; occupational therapists; caregivers and family members; and, healthcare providers.

Program topics

Core theory

  • Understanding Autism
    • Etiology and Diagnostic Features of Children with ASD
    • Typical and Atypical Development: Understanding Autism
    • Introduction to ABA and Basics of Behaviour Theory
    • Medical Awareness
    • Sexuality
  • ABA Support Skills
    • Ethics and Professionalism
    • Reinforcement
    • Shaping & Differential Reinforcement
    • Prompts, Fading & Attending
    • Evaluation of Child Progress
    • Generalization and Maintenance
    • Task Analysis & Chaining
    • Visual Supports
  • Application of ABA Support Skills
    • Discrete Trial Instruction
    • Incidental Teaching
    • Communication
    • Verbal Behaviour Intervention
    • Self Help Skills
    • Social Skills
    • Functional Behaviour Assessment & Functional Analysis
    • Behaviour Management

Core practicum

  • Support Skills
    • Reinforcement
    • Prompt and prompt fading
    • Error correction
  • Data Collection and Analysis
    • Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA)
    • Reducing problematic behaviours
    • Behaviour support plan

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